A Celebration of 50 Years of Brasil 66

One of the Brazil’s renowned music artists Sergio Mendes is all set to amaze his fans with his new concert celebrating 50 years of his hit album Brasil ’66. It was this album by the music legend that got the Brazilian music noted in the world. The song had a blend of American pop music and Latin jazz. Let’s delve into the history of this historic album.


How it all started?

Mendes’ Jazz singles were not doing any great and had low sales. Richard Adler, whom Sergio Mendes had made his full-time partner came up with the suggestion of introducing the English language into the songs. Adler wanted two girls who could sing in both the languages, Portuguese and English. Adler wanted these American girls  to sing English material such as ‘Going out of my Head’ by Bobby Weinstein and Teddy Randazzo. The audition for the new group of Mendes was arranged by Adler’s friends Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert. The new group dubbed ‘Brasil ‘66’.  Then Adler got Mendes released from his Jazz contract. The A&M released Mendes and demanded that he could record the albums under ‘ SerGio Mendes and Brasil’ 66’.

Soon, the first album of the group was released and one single particularly “Mas Que Nada” single-handedly made the album a huge success. The single was sung exceptionally well in Portuguese by Lani hill. The original lineup of Brasil consisted of:

  • Bob Mathews- the bass player
  • Sergio Mendes- responsible for playing piano
  • Lani Hall and Bibi Vogel- the Vocalists
  • Joao Palma- drums
  • Jose Soares- Percussion

Brasil’s success placed Sergio Mendes in the mainstream prominence in the music industry. By 1968 he had become the biggest stars in the demesne of music all over the world. The group also appeared at the World Expo in June 1970 in Osaka.

The celebration of 50 years of Brasil is taking place at the Big dome. You can start buying the tickets as early as possible.


The breathtakingly beautiful and commercially successful album has received a lot of accolades till now. In 2011, the album got the chance to be inducted in the prestigious Grammy Hall of Fame. Mendes included his version of ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles to appeal to American pop audiences. Other songs such as ‘Night and day’, ‘Chove Chuva’ and Going out of my head were equally admired.

Till date, Sergio Mendes remains an icon when it comes to Jazz fusion. In 2006, Mendes incorporated a new version of his hit single ‘Mas Que Nada’. For the new version, he worked with the Black Eyed Peas. Many contemporaries such as Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, and Jill Scott have collaborated with Mendes. His album released two years ago featured the official FIFA 2014 song, ‘One Nation’.

Over the past 50 years,  Mendes has released 55 albums. He won a Grammy for Basilerio and Bom Tempo In 1993 and 2003 respectively, followed by the prestigious lifetime achievement Grammy, making him one of the best musicians in the world.

Hi there! Well, who won’t be the fan of classical Grammy Winner Serigo Mendes! He is a true celebrity for music industry. His creations and solos are perfect like heaven! You listen to it for just a single time and you will fall in love with the rhythm of his soulful voice.