Sergio Mendes- Biography and History

Sergio Mendes was the highly paid contemporary Brazilian musician in the United States from the mid-1960s to the late 70s.His albums and single hits were always on the list of top five songs and his band ‘Brasil ‘66’ which had achieved the huge success that made him as a top musician.


How Sergio Mendes became popular

Born in Niteroi, Brazil on 11 February 1941, as a son of a physician and married to a singer who used to perform with him since the early 1970s, Gracinha Leporace. He used to take training as a classical pianist, but had never been encouraged by his parents to choose music as a profession.

As a teenager, he made his first professional mark on the Rio Scene. In 1960, he started practicing with various jazz and Latin rhythms, including bossa nova in the Little Club in Copacabana, although he was not paid for his appearance in the club. He made his debut in 1961, ‘Dance Moderno’ on the Philips Records label.

In 1964, he shifted to the United states and play an album and formed Brasil’65 with Jobim and Art Farmer but it was not much recognized, then in 1966, they renamed his band as ‘Brasil’66’ that gain huge popularity and signed to A&M records.‘Equinox’, as a second album was a minor hit and then back to back his group had given many single hits like ‘Pretty world’, ‘The dock of the Bay’ and many others.

Besides this, at the same time Mendes was busy on several other recordings for Atlantic Records. His jazz albums for Atlantic records are usually low sales, then they started making albums in Portuguese as well as in English. Then in the late 60s, Mendes has made his appearance between the local audiences.

In 1973, Mendes made his first official solo album, Sergio Mendes and relaunched his recordings with Sergio Mendes & Brasil’77, and then in 1982, after five years he made his comeback to A&M and became internationally popular.


Achievements of the Brazilian artist, Sergio Mendes

  • In 1992, he won Grammy Award for his release ‘Braseleiro’, for the Best World Music Album.
  • In 2005, won Latin Recording academy award as a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • In 2006, he was nominated for Latin Grammy Awardsas the Record of the Year for his release ‘Mas que Nada’, ‘Black Eyed Peas’.
  • In 2008, nominated for his release ‘Acode’ and ‘Vanessa da Mata’ for Latin Grammy Awardsas the Best Brazilian Song.
  • In 2010, won Latin Grammy Awards, for the Best Contemporary Pop Album ‘Bom Tempo’.
  • In 2011, nominated for Grammy Awards for the Best Contemporary World Music Album.
  • In 2012, nominated for Academy Awards for the Best Original Song for ‘Real in Rio’.

With no doubt, Sergio Mendeswas a versatile personalitywith his assorted range of work that includes American, Brazilian and African styles that made him internationally popular as the fact that in the mid-1970s, he stalled his career in the U.S. but remained popular in Japan and South America that made the history.

Hi there! Well, who won’t be the fan of classical Grammy Winner Serigo Mendes! He is a true celebrity for music industry. His creations and solos are perfect like heaven! You listen to it for just a single time and you will fall in love with the rhythm of his soulful voice.