Top 10 Songs by Sergio Mendes and Brazil ’66

Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66 provide audiences a unique and wonderful sound that made leads to huge success at international platform. Theircollections of albums were the largely distributed in the mid 1960s to the late 70s.


List of top 10 songs by Sergio Mendes and Brazil ’66

  1. Mas Que Nada: This was a debut album in 1966 of Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66 from A&M Records. This song was originally written and performed by Jorge Ben Joron his debut album.
  2. Night and Day:Released in 1967,a renowned songwritten by Cole Porter .This song was the given as anaugmented to the Great American songbook.
  3. Pretty World: In 1969, this song was sung by Lani Hall, one of the coolest and female vocalists, at that time he was just 20 year old vocalists. It became a single hit from Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66’s 5th album “Crystal Illusion” It was co-produced by Lani Hall, who later became Mrs. Herb Alpert.
  4. Like A Lover: It was released in 1998 and originally the lyrics and music are written by Nelson Motta and Dori Caymni. In 2000, a re-mastered version was released on CD.
  5. The Look of Love:It’s a very popular song appeared 1967 in the James Bond film, ‘Casino Royale’ and it was also nominated for the Best song in the 1968 Academy Awards.
  6. Constant Rain:This song was one of the signature tunes of Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66 in 1966 as after this song, this group was became the most easy listening group ever. The vocalists and the Mendes’ bossa nova rhythm have made a place in the heart of audience.
  7. The Fool on The Hill: This was a single hit Brazilian music by Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66 .This album was released in 1968 and was nominated for the Best Pop Performance by the group in the Grammy Award.


8. Going Out of My Head: This Latin jazz English album was released in         1966. It was written by a childhood friend of the group, Teddy                     Randazzo. Recorded initially by Little Anthony & the Imperials as the         vocal leads.

9. Look Around: Was the third studio released in 1968 and as the final             album with the original publication of Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66.

10. Day Tripper: Presented by Herb Alpert, a female vocalist and was                 initiated on the Grammy Hall of Fame and this was truly the first song       in Portuguese that was a hit not only in America but all over the world.

The Brazilian musician has more than 55 releases and plays bossa nova heavily with jazz and funk. The collection of Sergio Mendes and Brazil’66 were a super hit and now also people just love to listen their collection.

Hi there! Well, who won’t be the fan of classical Grammy Winner Serigo Mendes! He is a true celebrity for music industry. His creations and solos are perfect like heaven! You listen to it for just a single time and you will fall in love with the rhythm of his soulful voice.