What was Brasil ’66 project

Sergio Mendes is a very famous Brazilian musician, who was born in Brazil, but made the Brazilian music famous all over in the United States. He is used to play music of various genres such as bossa nova, disco, Latin jazz, Latin and contemporary. He works as a pianist, composer, bandleader, arranger and songwriter. He is multi talented in Music. He completed his 10+2 in education and did his training as a pianist.


In his career start, he started signing up with so many companies. When he signed a project with Atlantic Records, he found that his jazz albums were low on sales. Richard Adler advised Mendes that the group must sing in Portugese and English both to increase the sales. To fulfill this demand, Adler got the new English based song Going out of my head that was written by songwriters Bobby Weinstein and Teddy Randazzo. But to sing those songs written in English and Portugese, they wanted two American female singers who could sing a song in Portugese as well as English.

For this particular purpose, founders of A&M and Adler’s friend Jerry Dennon organized an audition for the new group of Mendes and this audition was termed as “Brasil’66”. The selected candidates in audition were signed to A&M records. After that Adler convinced Ertegun Brothers at Atlantic Records to release an album with Mendes and his new group. Ahmet approved the request and decided to release the album with the names Brasil’66 and Sergio Mendes. Founder of A&M, Moss worked as a producer and the Brasil’66 gained a lot of success with his first single Mas Que Nada that was written by Jorge Ben.

Artists Involved in the First Album of Brasil’66 Project:

The first album of Brasil’66, named as Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes and Brasil’66 got so popular with his first single only and with the great support of Alpert. The artists that were there in the first album of Brasil’66 were: Segio Mendes on Piano, Bibi Vogel & Lani Hall as vocalists, Jose Soares as percussionist, Joao Palma on drums, Bob Matthews on Bass, and John Pisano on the guitar.



Later on Bibi Vogel was replaced by Janis Hansen in the next two albums of that were recorded from year 1966 to 1968. Some of the new artists were introduced in his fourth album that was more remarkable with the extravagant orchestral sound than it was in predecessor albums. After the success of his initial singles of Brasil’66, he got the chance to perform The Look of Love, Oscar nominated song in Academy Awards that led to its popularity and it went to the top 10 songs with the fourth position. Since 1968, Mendes has become a star of Brazilian music in the world and got so much popularity.

Therefore, Brasil’66 project was so purposeful for Sergio Mendes as it did not increase the sales of his albums only, but also gave him lots of popularity in the world. Brasil’66 project was responsible for the tremendous growth of the Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes.

Hi there! Well, who won’t be the fan of classical Grammy Winner Serigo Mendes! He is a true celebrity for music industry. His creations and solos are perfect like heaven! You listen to it for just a single time and you will fall in love with the rhythm of his soulful voice.